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Intro to Ableton Live

BEATRONICS is all about understanding how to use drum samples, audio setup, creating melodies and basslines, with a dose of arranging and transitioning how tos for creating on your own. Kickstart your music dreams and make the music you want to hear!

HEPH ED BEATRONICS program is designed around our innovative, project-based curriculum that celebrates individuality, fun and potential career paths. Every path explores relevant compelling artists, history and techniques. Like all HEPH ED classes, learners create powerful artistic outcomes across a wide array of materials, subject matter and complexity. Get into BEATRONICS!

MEDIUMS: Applicable software (Ableton Live or similar) and mediums that compliment a career in music making.

Days: TBD
Hours: TBD
Session: begins TBD
Session dates: TBD

Student Groups:
Ages 9-13
Spots Available:
15 Available

133 S.Oak Park Avenue

Course Cost:
Traditional Class

Additional Course Options

Jennifer Francis
Program Coordinator



HEPH Foundation
805 Lake Street, #223
Oak Park, Illinois 60301
United States