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GAMETRONICS is an immersive class where learners design and create their own favorite game-inspired levels! Learners of all ages will learn to conceptualize and design their very own games, while putting their problem-solving skills to work.

The goal is to learn about game making, make a game and present it at the XSTEAM games in November! Everyone in the town will have an opportunity to play your game. And oh yes! There will be prizes. Like, what kind of prizes? MORE GAMES of course! Lets Go!

GAMETRONICS Z: (Ages 5 to 8)  Learners explore patterns, discover what makes fun things fun, game making with objects like potatoes, fur balls and ice. These learners also learn to code with drag and drop game building tools. We are always on the lookout for learners to level up, so we have Unreal engine (the engine that Fortnite was built on) at the ready when they are!

GAMETRONICS X: (Ages 9-13) X is a continuation of our cool summer camp where learners got to make their very first game in one week! You can see their results in the images above and on our Instagram @hephedlabs. If you’re just joining in to GAMETRONICS X don’t worry. We always start from scratch and work our way through. You’ll even have graduates from the summer camp there to cheer you on! Learners will discover game-play strategies, game mechanics, team-building, streaming, and level-design analysis.

GAMETRONICS Y:  (Ages 14-18)  Y is a fast-paced game build and tour of the Unreal engine. Everyone from beginners, intermediates and experienced game builders looking for a few new tips and tricks should have a good time in this class. Just like GAMETRONICS X Learners will discover game-play strategies, game mechanics, team-building, streaming, and level-design analysis but the emphasis will be on helping learners to define their pathways.  Pathways include coding, game design, game writing/world building , character design, asset design or environment design. Is it The objective behind this is to start building power teams. Learners will be exposed to game marketing through digital and social media.

GAMETRONICS MASTER CLASS: ADVANCED (Ages 14+) This class is for students who have built their own games and are ready to move quickly into advanced game building and coding.  There will be a brief overview period and then we’ll jump right into level design, sound, custom character sets and more. Students will have access to instructors via our online portal and screen share.  This class is offered online only.

You’re not going to want to miss a thing. The world awaits your creations! Sign up now!

AGES: four groups: 5-8, 9-13, 14-18, 14+
SKILL LEVEL:  Beginner–Advanced
PATH: Game Dev
PROGRAM: INCREDICAMP | Gametronics Weekly After school
TOOLS: Unreal Engine 4, Zbrush, Maya and photoshop


9/16 – 12/16/20
No class 11/25 or 11/27

133 South Oak Park Avenue
Class fee: $275/month

Student Groups:
Ages 9-13

Spots Available:
15 Available

Course Cost:
Drone Wars

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Jennifer Francis
Program Coordinator



HEPH Foundation
805 Lake Street, #223
Oak Park, Illinois 60301
United States